Counseling Services

Individual Therapy

If you are experiencing dissatisfaction in your life or find yourself feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, or "stuck," then individual therapy may be right for you.  Individual therapy can be an opportunity to focus on personal strength , healing, and growth and to gain the insight, knowledge, and skills you need to create changes in your life and in your relationships.

Some of the concerns for which people seek individual therapy are:

* Depression, dissatisfaction, or feeling "stuck"
* Building self-esteem and gaining confidence
* Life transitions (leaving for college, empty nest, blended families)
* Anxiety & panic attacks
* Relationship concerns
* Trauma, grief, and bereavement
* Stress Management

 Couples Therapy

Whether you have been together for many years or are just starting out, couples therapy can help you to create and nurture a lasting, fulfilling relationship.  Couples therapy can teach you the skills to:

* Improve communication
* Prevent arguments from spiraling out of control
* Express your needs in a way that your partner can hear you
* Respond to your partner's needs
* Create security, trust, and heal long-standing hurts
* Repair issues related to infidelity, conflict, and stress
* Deepen emotional and physical intimacy

Even if you are  in a satisfying and loving partnership, couples therapy can enrich your relationship and safeguard it against dissatisfaction, neglect, and divorce.

 Premarital Counseling

If you are engaged or seriously contemplating marriage. then premarital counseling may be right for you.  Premarital counseling is designed to help couples envision the relationship they want and teach them the tools to make their vision a reality.  These specialized sessions focus on strengthening communication skills, exploring areas of strength in your relationship, teaching empathic and active listening skills, resolving points of conflict in your relationship, overcoming family-of-origin challenges, balancing work and family obligations, resolving sexuality and intimacy issues, and establishing individual, couple, and family goals.

 Family Therapy

Family therapy works to change the negative patterns of interaction among family members and to heal relational hurts and foster secure attachment and support among family members.  In family therapy, the focus is not on individual problems, but rather on family relationships and dynamics.  Although one family member may be identified as "having the problem," it is likely that all family members are affected and therefore able to play an important role in bringing about positive changes for the entire family.



This interactive educational workshop is designed to improve self-image and confidence, increase assertiveness, teach strategies for self-improvement, develop unconditional self-acceptance, and provide women with a safe and non-judgmental environment.

All services are provided in a professional and confidential manner and conform to the ethical standards of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.   

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